I make generative art. I use JavaScript and Ethereum to make machines that make infinite, deterministically random, responsive, dynamic, living art.

I’ve released 4 major collections, all of which are sold out but available on secondary: Sometimes I Sing Back, A Daydream for Libby, A Fundamental Dispute, Folded Faces

Other things you might find helpful…My twitter, where I post WIPs. My newsletter, where I write about the creative process. A 10 minute tutorial, where you can learn the basics of generative art. A small fire to keep warm. A galaxy to explore. A flower to pick.

Last updated on 2/6/2024

Sometimes I Sing Back

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Infinite flower beds. Click anywhere to make a new flowerbed. Some take longer than others to generate. Click 's' to save output.

I've had to move the flowerbed generator to a new URL to avoid performance issues on this site. You can still pick a flower by visiting here. It might take a second to load as it generates thousands of individual flowers.

I make on-chain generative art using p5js - nothing handrawn, nothing AI.

I first discovered generative art in ~2015 through work in data visualization. After years of dithering and tinkering, I released my first collection in May 2022. My work typically explores themes of nostalgia, storytelling, and whimsy. I believe that the best digital art is alive in some manner and my work embraces responsiveness, interactivity, and data.

Released projects (newest to oldest):

The best way to follow my work is here or here.

Thank you for stopping by. If you'd like to make something yourself, I encourage you to spend 10 minutes on this tutorial. I'd love to see your work if you finish it. Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment of calm before you go.


I plan on doing a full write-up of this project eventually, including early WIPs, technical walkthroughs, and more. But for now, you can find spark notes below...The title (A Fundamental Dispute) and number of pieces (436) are inspired by a line in the Talmud: Rabbi Meir’s response is connected to the fundamental dispute over when night begins (2b18). When you look at your piece, I hope you feel a hint of what they felt - sincerity, curiosity, and gratitude for the world and its mysteries / wonders.It is not possible to sort or filter pieces based on traits (e.g., sun present, color of background, etc.). There are also 0 royalties taken on sales. Both of these are intentional. I find it strange that most generative art is viewed from the lens of metadata. Each piece is meant to be enjoyed holistically - like you would enjoy a real sunset. I also have no desire to make money on you re-selling your piece. It's yours. As an alternative, we are withholding ~20 pieces for ourselves that we might give-away or sell at some point in the future.I’ve been trying to learn to draw for as long as I can remember. Although I’m perennially disappointed in the outputs, I have fond memories of graph paper and cross-hatching and wobbly lines. You’ll find all of these in this collection.Every time you look at a sunset, sunrise, or sky filled with clouds, you’re looking at something that will never exist again in precisely that way. AFD is the opposite - a chance or an attempt to 'capture a cloud.' These pieces are stored on-chain, forever.As a kid I used to take long, long drives across Texas with my Dad. There wasn't much to see except cropland, woods, and clouds. Clouds were the star of all of my daydreams. Today I see them as a push for earnestness and a turn away from cynicism. You can go outside right now - wherever you might be - and see a beautiful sky. I'm never disappointed to look up and I hope you feel the same.From a creative coding perspective, this project is relatively simple - clouds are made by first drawing a grid of tiny circles, altering their position (this is the tough part), and then re-drawing those circles again, but with a fill. Cross-hatching is done via tiny dashed lines. Texture is done through thousands of semi-transparent squiggly lines. From a blockchain perspective, this project is much more interesting. I encourage you to read more about Ethfs and the contracts here.Notable inspiration included: William Ashcroft's Krakatoa paintings (below), wood etchings, and gold leaf.

A Fundamental Dispute
An on-chain^, long-form generative art collection made in p5js
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Art by Adam, contracts by Frolic

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Below is an unrelated and unrefined collection of past works. Each and every pixel was generated algorithmically. Each render is, in part, up to chance.

Selections from January - April 2022.

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